Friday, October 8, 2010

Sample Questions

Questions for the 2010 Fino' Chamoru na Inadaggao were provided by University of Guam Students. Here are a list of some sample questions which they provided, which might be translated into Chamorro and used during the Forum.

42) So many of Guam’s current and possible leaders have claimed that there is nothing that we can do about the US military buildup and that it is a done deal or not in our power to change. If the power was in your hands, if you were in charge of the buildup, would you stop it? Would you change it?

43) What makes you different from the other candidates on stage right now?

44) What is your favorite movie and why?

45) If you had to pick a movie to show to the youth of Guam to try and get them motivated and wanting to help change their island, what movie would it be?

46) If elected, would you support the bringing to Guam of more off-island insurance companies that can offer lower rates and better plans than the ones we have now?

47) Do you think that we should make it required that all of our leaders in the Executive and Legislative Branches should be able to understand or speak Chamorro since it is an official language of Guam and they are the representatives of the island?

48) Flights to and from Guam are very expensive, how can we bring more competition to Guam to help make sure that we can affordably travel to other places?

49) Who is your most inspirational figure from Guam’s history and why?

50) Who is your favorite candidate in this year’s election other than yourself?

51) Do you believe that the Chamorro language is dying? And if so, what suggestions do you have for people of the young generations today on how they can learn to speak and understand the language?

52) Trash is a very important issue for any island, since your space is very limited. But Guam has very little recycling. We are living in a fantasy world and not facing the fact that if we don’t truly start to recycle and stop importing more trash into this island. We might just end up capsizing! How would you propose to help wake up Guam and start making recycling a big part of our lives?

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